Happiness is a four-step process

Magnum pop up icecream store

Along with cosy coats, ankle boots and leopard-print scarves, ice cream is one of those things that belongs in my winter life (in summer, give me sorbet any day). So you can imagine how happy I was to combine all four today when I was invited to the launch of the Magnum pop-up store in Emporium Melbourne.

Here, you’re just four steps away from a wickedly indulgent ice cream.

  • First up, choose your ice cream: classic vanilla or the limited-edition choc truffle version.
  • Next, select your coating: white, milk or dark chocolate.
  • Now this is the fun part: take your pick of 18 toppings, spanning chopped nuts, dried rose petals and crushed biscuits.
  • Finally, drizzle with white, milk or dark chocolate.

The couple behind me in the queue remarked that this was just like Subway in that you couldn’t go wrong. And while I’d beg to differ on the sub front (steak and squeezy cheese anyone?), you truly could not fail with this seductive selection.

So how did I pimp up my Magnum? Well, I didn’t hold back, piling rose petals, dried strawberries, pretzels and almond praline onto my milk-chocolate base, finished with a white chocolate drizzle. It was a seriously delicious mess of chewy, crunchy, salty and sweet, with pretty pink accents to boot.

Dark chocolate Magnum pop up store

It was so good that I ordered a second for Simon to go, this one sporting ginger nut biscuits, more pretzels and a swirl of dark chocolate. Divine.

I was a guest of Magnum for this tasting session, but I’d happily part with my own 8 bucks for the pleasure. The Magnum pop-up will run until August 10, located on Level One of the Emporium, just near TopShop. Do it.



Sarah Gamboni is an Australian food, drinks and travel writer. Sarah writes for leading lifestyle magazines and websites, and produces content for a range of clients spanning tourism bodies, beauty products, food and fashion. She is currently based in Dubai with her husband, Simon, and daughter, Francesca.

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